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Facebook through 3D glasses

   Web Portal - IMVU Social Network could be called as 3D Facebook. Although available since 2004 is widely recognized only recently. Their slogan is: Escape to IMVU.
IMVU population growth the superhighway because they have already more than 40 million registered users and six million individual visitors per month. This is a 3D social network that was created by Will Harvey, who was developing a video game before Imvu was born.

IMVU in numbers

   40 million registered users. Six million visits per month. Profit Per month is two million dollars.
IMVU is proud to have supplied more than four million virtual items, which is created by more than one hundred thousand designers. Per month through the portal IMVU turns two million dollars, 90 percent of the money are generated just by selling these items, which will serve not only IMVU but also the users. Since November 2007, at the helm as General Manager of the portal sites Cary Rosenzweig, who predicts growth for the future.

More money, more music

   Basic registration is free on IMVU. This allows you to registering as a guest, using the chat room, purchasing virtual content and edit your profile. For additional payment advertisers you will not be harassed, you will have some other benefits.

   Basic access is free, but users can choose from gift cards or credit cards to buy virtual money. Free membership users are allowed to be registered as "Guest_" before his name, using the program, buy virtual products and create your personal page. By purchasing the name the "guest_" is removed, as well as advertisements that are not from IMVU's, and allowing access to multiple tabs in the forum. But some features require additional payment, such as the access to adult content AP or VIP club.

The program 'Content Creation.'

   The primary goal is user-generated content. IMVU encourages users to create new products. Users who purchase a VIP and have an active subscription to it, can become the "Content Creator" and can make and sell virtual products in the virtual catalog.
   The user must have sufficient credits (virtual currency unit to be used only in the IMVU community) to account for the derivation of costs and fees for each product. IMVU uses Cal3D xmf. For mesh, xaf. For animation, xsf for the skeleton, xrf for the material format. Users who make  products for imvu are using programs such as 3ds Max, Sketchup or Blender to make a new 3D products which can be after finish, exported to mentioned files that imvu recognizes as a working final 3d product. These products can then leave as "derivable" allowing other users to derive from their product a new product or to modify the 3D model, only texture or both and with this earning some credits that can be sell out for real money.