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Because I already know how is to learn and study 3D applications, and how much time I spent to found out how to create products for imvu and which is recognized by it without bugs and working 100% with all protocols, I decided to upload some of my four projects on which you can learn and create something of your own. The zip file contains 3DS max project and exporting files ready for IMVU. Files in this website are for instruction purpose only and are not considered for multiplication and plagiarism so in the hope you will make some rework I wish you great creations with it. Download by clicking on the icon.

Free 3DS Max Projects

Umbrella Idle
Beret Hat
Basic Umbrella with Idle Pose - IMVU and 3DS Max Files
Fur Shoes
Beret Hat 3D Model - IMVU and 3DS Max Files
Fur Shoes Additions Made with Sketchup with IMVU Exported Files
Earrings, necklace and belly ring - IMVU Files and Sketchup Files
Mariah Head
Mariah Head with lashes - IMVU and 3DS Max files for editing
Animated Stone Project in 3DS Max and exported files for IMVU - Download ZIP File