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For startup creators of imvu projects and products, you can learn and figure out how to build and make a product ready for imvu merchandise and publications. In this section, you can freely use our Photoshop and other files for editing and re-editing files with your unique touch and publish it. In the zip compressed file, you can find the link that was used for derivation of the present product. I will consider that you use it and make some changes otherwise it can be suspect for a plagiarism. Download files by clicking the icon.

Free IMVU Projects

Pink Bottom
Pump Bikini
Shiny Pink Bottom pants - Photoshop File and textures
Dark Bikini product with Photoshop and opacity map files
Jeans Top
Male Top
Fancy Jeans Top BRA - Photoshop and opacity map
Male transparent top for derivation - photoshop and opacity map
Yokii Head
Yokii Head made from the base - 3DS Max and texture files
Anim Tail
Any skin Tail with animations made for tests - IMVU files and texture