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Quick Tour for Creators

What is the IMVU Creator program?

Enter the world of fun and exciting IMVU content creators. We give you the necessary tools and demos to get started, and the rest is up to your imagination and motivation. Earn Credits and build your retail empire as you learn the industry standard tools and receive validation for your hard work. Gain experience and status while creating products for IMVU members worldwide.

Create your Products

Create your original patterns and start to profit from your efforts. Become a better artist as a creator and learn how to start a small business. You can start with just simple stickers and textures of clothing, a 3D Rooms, furniture and even script flash. You Can't find what you want in our catalog? Create it!

Do not Ask but Earn Credits

After you buy your avatar name, you can invest your credits in a business that will ennoble your credits even more! With hard work and a little amount of Imvu credits, you can find a lucrative side business that will earn financial rewards as you continue to develop as an artist and entrepreneur.

What skills do I need?

If you already use a 2D paint program like Photoshop or a 3D program like 3DS Max, you have an edge with the game. If you're still learning, you can gain experience with the same tools and programs that are used in the field of computer games.Find out what the creators have, more work, the most profitable your business will be.

What should I know before I begin?

All designers must be aware of the various policies including the
virtual goods
policy of IMVU and also website, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You should review those policies before becoming a Creator.You can create a lot of content as Creator; you just need a 2D paint program that exports JPG, GIF and PNG. You may also serve 3DS MAX 7 (currently supported version) and Flash.
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