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Must Read And FAQ

DEVELOPERS: Feel free to derive from my products, I'd appreciate that! You don't have to ask me first. You also don't have to change all the textures or other things that applied to the product; you may leave some of my textures on your derivation if you like. Please don't set your version derivable.

NOTE: Extracting my files (meshes, textures, skeletons, etc.) in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited. If you buy or download files that turn out to be stolen (even if they're small parts of textures or meshes), then they will be reported as well.


Q: Do you sell your textures and meshes?
A: I never sell or give away my skin textures, and I would never let anyone else use them. Authorized user names (my accounts) are listed here. There are some thieves out there claiming that I gave/sold them my skin texture(s). The answer is an NO.

Q: Do you date on IMVU?
A: No, I don't socialize, chat or date on IMVU because I work there, and I don't have time for that.

Q: Do you create XL, XXL, BMXXL clothes/outfits?
A: Usually No, unless I want to make something very unusual.

Q: Can I chat with you? Or become friends?
A: If you have something to say that I could be interested in (creating, thefts, important news) then you can send me a message first. I'm not on IMVU to make friends or socialize, although I have found a few excellent friends just "by accident", most of them are other creators.

Q: Please gift me something?
A: No, I will not gift anything to anyone if you ask me to! I only gift when I want to, and especially when it's UNEXPECTED because it will be very unfair to other users who can't afford much.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This document applies to the use of the and associated IMVU website and was last updated in Jan 2014. By using this site, you agree to the terms below. We may modify this document at any time, and your continued use of our website signifies your consent to such modifications. By using this website you consent to the collection, storage and use of your information in the manner discussed below:

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        Details of your visit to our website such as pages viewed, resources accessed, and length of visit.
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Terms of Use 1/2

Term of Use 1/2

Please read this agreement carefully (from page 1/2 to page 2/2) before buying or 04T Products. By purchasing products, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions. In accessing and using the services of under, you commit to all terms and conditions set in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Additional terms and conditions may apply to additional areas of the website or particular negotiations or content posted on the site, in conjunction with the actual Terms of Use Agreement. holds the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions Agreement at any time. Customers who use the website agree to follow any change or modification and are bound by the modified Terms of Use Agreement. The current revision date of the Terms of Use Agreement is listed below.
Website Use: possesses full intellectual property rights to all content, images and visual elements on the site. This information may not be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, or altered unless expressly authorized by

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Terms of Use 2/2

Term of Use 2/2

Confidential Information: only requires confidential information that enables to pursue the service. Any other material or information sent to the website will be considered non-confidential. You authorize the royalty-free irrevocable permission to use, display and distribute in whole or in part, the submission in any manner it sees fit.
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No refunds or credits will be given; the purchase is final.
Please do not open any disputes via PayPal without contacting us first, any differences that are opened does not help the process and if conflicts are found in our favor the money will not be returned to the customer. This cannot be negotiated by the customer at any stage if the client has opened the dispute we track all IP’s and have all personal information on file and if at any stage we will provide this information to local, state or federal authorities. This is to ensure a safe and fair system is created for all users of If at any stage you think, this is unfair and want your case to be heard to please contact our legal team at and choose “Legal” for the department to submit your request.
Social Media Accounts: is not liable for any accounts and or video that are removed due to our services being implemented. Purchase of our services is at your risk, and it is nearly impossible to determine why social media account providers suspend or delete accounts. Due to this we cannot refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account. However, we have never had any complaints from our completed orders.
Correction of Inaccuracies: reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the content on the website, or to change and update the content at any time without giving prior notice. However, does not guarantee that errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected immediately.
Provisions: This Terms of Use Agreement with constitutes the entire agreement between all parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.
Termination of Service: The term of this Agreement will begin upon acceptance of your job order and will end when terminated by either party. If determines, in its sole discretion that you are abusing the system, the company (without limiting any other rights or remedies available to it) withdraw your participation and withhold any amount to you.
These terms and conditions updated and effective as of 01/12/2014.

Copyright Conditions

Copyright Conditions

The laws of copyright protect the digital content (“Content”) that is made available to this files and associated with website. Copyrights in the Content are held by their respective owners. The Content embodies the intellectual property of a third party and is protected by law.
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Please direct all questions about this Important Notice about Copyrighted Materials to or 04T user on website - Slovenia Europe.

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